Violet Child

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mother Earth

Here is Mother Earth and her root children.  Her hair is braided wool roving.  Vintage lace detail at neckline.  Her body is made from 100% cotton flannel and her apron is 100% wool felt.  The root children are dressed in simple buntings made with cotton flannel and are tucked into the pockets of the apron.  Mother and children are stuffed with wool.  She stands 18 inches tall and the children are 3 inches long without the hat.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Snow Babies

It might be a little premature for these little guys to appear on my blog but I've actually gotten in the mood to make them.  Yes, they will appear at the holiday event noted in my calendar on my website.  They are my own design and are simply made from a circle of felted wool/angora sweater and a little hat.  The scarf was made from a sweater also.  On these babies there is no mouth, leaving it to the child's imagination whether the snow baby is happy or just content...