Violet Child

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


These bunnies are made from upcycled sweaters -- either cashmere or angora.  The sweaters are washed in hot water in the washing machine causing the fibers to catch onto each other (felting).  The sweaters are then dryed in the dryer.  I cut off all parts of the sweater which will not be used and then the fabric is ready (no fraying).  I also use this method with my dollmaking.  The bunnies are stuffed with wool and lavender.  Just at the top of the photo you can see "baby carrots" which are made of wool felt.  The green mohair is needle-felted into the head.


  1. We saw your beautiful dolls here in SF at the Waldorf Winter Fair. I hope to be able to view and purchase a doll or two from your Etsy Store.

    P.S. I absolutely love these rabbits! My mom was just telling me she wanted to have a project to use some cashmere sweaters that she wanted to craft with. Would you ever sell instructions for simple projects?

    Many thanks for all of your hard work and beautiful creations.


    Michele Bazirgan

    1. Hi Michele. Thank you so much. I had the most wonderful time at the winter fair--it is the best ever! I would be happy to scan and email to you the pattern for the bunnies. It is a vintage Vogue pattern and very simple. I am swamped right now with three more events prior to Christmas so after Christmas I will get back to you.

      Kind regards,