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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Waldorf Doll -- Storyteller Puppet

Okay the sideways photos are an issue.  I took these photos from my camera phone and I think that is the problem.  The photos are not sideways on Etsy so it could be a problem with the website.  I'm so sorry.  The doll is 10" tall and the sleeves are empty for your index finger and thumb for puppeteering.  The cape, hat and leggings are made of a recycled angora/lambswool sweater which was felted in the washing machine.  The doll skin is light brown and her hair is dark brown mohair boucle which makes for soft curls.

I have had some customers tell me that they take the storyteller out only at bedtime, which makes it very much fun for young children to go to bed at night.

The doll is for sale on my Etsy website. I'm giving Etsy a try.  Oh, and see how much better the lighting is on these photos?  They were taken in outdoor lighting on a natural dye rainbow silk.

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